About Me

A Website by Priyanka Shankar

Born in a small town of eastern India but brought up in various cities across the country, I have experienced the diversity that our country boasts of. I'm from Mumbai, India. I have a full time work experience as a digital marketing and PR professional with companies from various verticals, including Entertainment, travel & lifestyle, politics, etc. I had always been passionate about making a career in the media and communictaions field. I pursued my undergraduation in Mass Communictaions & Video Production and I am also an MBA in Communications Management; both from some of reputed universities in India.

Apart from work, I indulge myself into a lot of activities when at leisure. To mention a few:

That's a little bit about my profile and hobbies but if that doesnt give you a picture about me yet, I can add few more lines for myself and you can agree or disagree with the same as we get to know each other. I'm usually very easy to talk to and would gladly help you out with anything that you might need from me and if I'm capable of it. However, I am not a chatterbox and more than often a random conversation with me ends up being very short. Interestingly, I attarct a lot of people who are a chatterbox, because ofcourse, when you dont speak much, you tend to be a good listener ;)

I'm very active on social media platforms and even though I dont put up a lot of my personal updaetes (downside of being a social media marleteer, I am very prompt to the responses to any notification on any channel I get awkward in crowd and maintain a very small and close group of friends who are my go to for everything. I'm always up for a party, dinner plans, sudden road trips or even a quick trip to the grocery store.